Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Alex and I celebrated our "Paper Anniversary" over the holiday weekend. We were somehow able to squeeze a little of everything we enjoy doing together in three days: sleeping in, watching a comedy (Superbad), 'rocking' a couple sessions of climbing at the gym, and 'kicking off' Saturday evening from our traditional cheap seats on the Hill where we lost our voices to the Cal Bears beating Tennessee 45-31 (we were even on national TV but I can't find a clip!).

We trekked into the City on Sunday to play tourist, enjoying [what was supposed to be] a light lunch in the Haight, napping in Golden Gate Park, tossing the frisbee everywhere but to the other person, and generally behaving like childen.

By no fault of my own, Alex was marooned for hours but managed to hitch a ride to terra firma on this sea turtle. Thanks for saving our anniversary Mr. Turtle.

Hanging ten on a monster wave.

After a small break at Cafe Soleil near where Alex used to live, we hiked up Van Ness to the House of Prime Rib for a hearty dinner of chef's salad.... yeah right, of course we had prime rib!

It's strange to think that a whole year has gone by already, but thinking back on all the things we've been able to do in just that time, it's amazing to realize it's only been that long. So here's to many more years of adventuring together, and all the while remaining young at heart.


Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary guys!
(I don't know if Alex reads, this, but please pass along the message for me:)
you guys are totally adorable!

Julien alday said...

I second what Scott said, in fact... I can't say it better. But I can say it in French: Vous ĂȘtes totalement adorable. :P Man, I tried to contact you yesterday, I feel so guilty now I know it was your anniversary, haha ! Sorry, my friend. Hope it was not during the moment you were climbing. :P
From France with Love,

Mike Dutton said...

I still need to show Alex what you guys wrote, but I relayed the gist of it to her. Thanks fellas. :)

Tom Scholes said...

Lovely couple :)
Happy Anniversary!

singinghawk said...

Oh this is so adorable...I had to stop here first and comment. You and Alex...simply a beautiful young couple! -- and definitely in love...it is all over your faces... sweet! And that you play like little children with each other! Your marriage will last forever if you keep that sensibility! Always keep the fun, the child's spirit, the play, the romance...the adventure... the sensitivity...alive!

Happy Anniversary to you and Alex! And may you find beauty every day in the simple joys of sharing your lives together.