Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Petaluma Alleyway

I had an appointment in Petaluma this morning, about forty-five minutes north of where I live. The weather's been gorgeous the past couple weeks, and the town of Petaluma itself is full of historic and ideal places to set up and sketch.... something I rarely take advantage of, as I usually pass right through to reach Dillon Beach further west. Today, however, I found myself wandering the town after my appointment. Yet despite all its scenic offerings, I settled into a remote alleyway to unwind and reflect on what already felt like a full day.

Unfortunately, unwinding and reflecting can really conflict with focusing and painting. As a journal entry, I think the messy chaos in this sketch says a lot about what was going through my head at the time, but as a lighting and cityscape study, it's pretty god-awful! Ah well. Hopefully, I'll find more opportunities to explore Petaluma further, with slightly better results.

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