Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bodega Bay

Alex, her brother, and I took a trip up to Bodega Bay this afternoon to explore the coastline and hang out on a couple beaches. The first one was practically empty, and we soon learned why. The horde of gigantic flies would not leave you alone. I barely managed to concentrate long enough to get this sketch in.

We moved to a second beach, where we played some catch.... using lacrosse sticks. I know - What's wrong with the frisbee, right? Well, a close relative of ours, who has equipment for every outdoor activity imaginable, gave us the sticks to play with. So we thought we'd try them out. Turns out it's pretty fun, except for the occasional "Oh no, the extremely hard rubber ball nearly hit that napping beach bum" moments.

The afternoon was topped off with a meal at the Sandpiper, where the clam chowdah is so good the staff wears T-shirts with a joke warning not to order it.

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Tom Scholes said...

Mmm MM! That's nice.