Sunday, November 23, 2008

Drawr-ings, Ramblings, and Pick-Me-Ups.... the Book?

So here's some possibly exciting news. I'm looking around at various options on putting a book together showcasing the work I've done over the past ten years or so. That, or a finely-tuned version of what I've done on this blog (more better-er and less mitsakes, hopefully).

Just to see if I even had the work in the first place, I dug up my old sketchbooks, portfolio folders, even my graffiti "black book" from high school (who didn't go through this phase?), plopped them on the main work table and flipped through to see what I've got.
I've covered an odd mix of subject matter and mediums over the years, so it's a little tricky figuring out how I'm going to break down the book. One idea is to do two books! I'm thinking one in a zine/manga format with black and white work, sketches and ramblings, and another slightly larger coffee table style book that focuses on my full color work. Thoughts and recommendations are... um, recommended.

And no, I won't be using any high and mighty "The Art of Mike Dutton"-ish titles either. How about Mike Dutton's Art? ... hmm...

I'll leave you with a self portrait I did in art school, a whopping decade ago, doing an imitation of the Godfather.


Anonymous said...

I'd recommend taking a ganders at Scott Morse's SCRAP METTLE. One book with different sections. Sketches, watercolors, paints, journals. etc. and your thoughts on each method.

Or maybe a carnet-like book. Some journal sketches, plein aire paints mixed together to sort of convey a story or sense of diary the way your blog does?


Bruce said...

Why not simply call it DuttonArt?

Julien alday said...

Yeah, go for DuttonArt if you can't find anything else. Something I don't worry about. ;)

Excellent self portrait, "Don Dutton". :P