Monday, November 13, 2006

Day Trip to Montara, CA

My wife and I recently took a short drive out past San Francisco, down the coast along Highway 1 to a little town called Montara. She had been wanting to test out her newly acquired manual camera and I wanted to take a break from my illustration work to do some plein air sketching. In Montara, there's a quaint little hostel set up by a New England style lighthouse where my wife stayed two nights before our wedding. We made it a point to return when I picked her up the following morning. When we arrived, the sun was just starting to break through the overcast skies, which was a disappointment to me since I prefer overcast painting conditions, but it made for a beautiful day and we both got to enjoy 'working' with each other at our own respective craft.


Joshua James said...

Very Cool. Makes me want to do some more watercolors!


Andy Murray said...

I keep forgetting how tough it is to pull off watercolors. I'm used to overworking everything, and here you go pulling off a nice job like this without breaking a sweat. I think your work looks like more fun than anything I've seen on CA in a long time. That's gotta count for something :)

Now go getcho self over to the Haggin Museum before that JC exhibit runs off! And take a good camera!