Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Brothers McDutton

I'd like to introduce my two brothers and what they do in this update, since I'm still wrapping up my own work. I'm also very excited about some of their recent work and thought it'd be a great time to share what they've been up to.

Henry is the youngest brother. He produces music loops, beats, melodies, samples, and so on. His work is probably most closely associated with indie hip hop. He has a few credits under the alias, SwayShah, with Bay Area hip hop artists. Lately, he's been collaborating with our other brother, David, in producing soundtracks and scores to short films. Much like art, there's a lot of subtleties involved in his music, and even his seemingly simple beats are often times composed of various sound samples finely chopped, played backwards, or made from scratch. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a webpage for his own work, but here's a YouTube sample of music he created for a short film by David.

David's our middle brother, and is an aspiring filmmaker currently in his second year at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Way before art school, Dave used to take our old family Sony Handicam and make music videos and other short films, using the camera as the sole piece of editing equipment.... meaning he'd press play on a stereo placed near the camera during a shoot, start filming, then cut both the camera and stereo at the same time to keep the timing right. He's come a long way since then, having directed several short films and music videos and numerous personal projects. He was even runner up in the Mini-DV category at the Epidemic Film Festival at the Academy. His latest piece of work is one that, to me, strikes a particular chord where music and imagery go seamlessly hand in hand: A music video with Orukusaki, another Bay Area hip hop artist and old high school friend.

We're planning on doing a collaboration project between all three of us, which is something we have not done since the time we formed our own bowling team, The Brothers McDutton, and took home 1st place in our first league series ever (thank you, Handicap Scoring System). So look for that somewhere down the line.

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Julien alday said...

So, the three brothers are all artists, but each one into a specific field ? That's awesome ! Is one of your parents an artist ? Or both ? Your brothers are talented, I like specially the second video, very effective, but let say in general that David got strong skills for narrative/editing. It's pretty obvious with the first video, and that's not an easy excercice, when you have to told a story without words. Respect !

Henry is good too, and as you said, the music sounds simple but if you hear that carefully, you can identify a bunch of distinct sounds. [even via you tube, wich is not the best support for judging music quality] Wow ! Did Henry know "Birdy Nam Nam" ? If no, it will be a pleasure for me to drop some links. I think he will appreciate it.

Can't wait to see what will result from your collaboration, guys.

[and again: thanks for the mail, Mike]