Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wouldn't it be Loverly?

Alex and I watched My Fair Lady the other day. I've had a few lines and tunes - like the one above and this blog update's title - stuck in my head ever since.

I've been trying to stick to a regiment of getting outside at least once a week to paint. Yesterday's session with a friend was cancelled due to rain.... though I know for a fact that he's hardcore enough to have gone out and paint anyway. This morning seemed to threaten the same weather conditions, so I stuck to pen and sketchbook to avoid any mishaps.... I need to invest in a painting umbrella set-up. Luckily, overcast was as bad as it ever got, and Alex and I enjoyed a fine day in the City. She had brunch with a couple teacher friends, and I wandered Hayes Valley with a cup of my favorite coffee for breakfast.... which I followed up with another cup at Momi Toby's, and have been suffering a headache caused by caffeine dehydration ever since.

Octavia and Page St.

Rose St. off of Octavia.


The marshlands landscape from the Dillon Beach update will be hanging up at the Studio Gallery in SF for a few weeks. There's a reception for their People, Places, and Things show this coming Saturday. As usual, I'll be there around 5:30 and stick around for a couple hours.

I've yet to be in a show with a whole lot of my work hanging up, but for those interested in critical mass, I'm about to begin a production line of 6" x 6" canvases for the annual Tiny show at the Studio. I'm hoping to have about ten pieces available. Now wouldn't it be loverly?


Tom Scholes said...

These sketches are ... they seriously boggle my mind - no clue how you do these. Love 'em.

Oh hey, you thinking of going to seattle for the next CA workshop? Buy you a beer!

Julien alday said...

Tell me the truth, Mike, I will be strong... When you wrotte about your favorite café and show the beautyful cityscape drawings, you are teasing me ? For I come back to San Francisco ? :P Argl ! Seems like there's a lot to see and explorate. Thanks for the links, you know I enjoy this kind of stuff. Made my early morning to see and read something that fresh and joyfull.
Will mail you soon, mon ami ! ;)

Bill Ferguson said...

Great sketches!

Bruce said...

These are truly loverly sketches, Mike. They are very loose, yet very tight at the same time. Were the streets devoid of human life or did you just choose to omit them? I do that sometimes.

Unknown said...

great sketches as always. One day I will have to lurk the streets of your hometown and drink excessive amounts of coffee. Then we can do some plein-air speedpainting!

Mike Dutton said...

Hey Tom - I won't be making it to the workshop this time around. Truth be told, I think once was enough, though it'd be great to find a way to meet up again!

Julien - I tried and tried to find a way to get some blue bottle while we were there, but it just wasn't in the stars for us. *sigh*, but yes, it is incentive for you to come back.

Thanks Bill. :)

Bruce - good to see ya. I prefer to keep people out of my cityscape stuff, and cars if I can help it, but oddly enough, there really just wasn't anybody outside that day. It was a pretty cold morning. However, I may do a painting of the Rose St. sketch with a character in it. We'll see.

Scott - I smell a coffeehouse crawl brewing. Time your visit with Julien's next trip, and I bet we could really do some damage.

Julien alday said...

" Time your visit with Julien's next trip, and I bet we could really do some damage. "

Ho, yeah ! Damage ! Let's start burning that "Bretonne créperie" in SF where they give you salt margarita... Criminal !!! Simply criminal ! :P :P :P

That will be great to see you guys there ! Scott, can I bring you with me ? ;)

Justin said...

Awesome sketches... full of life like nobody else :D