Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Tiny" Recap and Weekend Paintings

The Tiny reception on Saturday night was great fun and actually busy despite the rain that settled in for the evening. I was so happy to see a good number of friends come to the reception. Aside from the weather, about the only major disappointment was the turnout of the Cal vs USC game.

We didn't get too many pictures from the show, but here's a couple:

My "No Umbrella" piece is sitting in the bottom left corner of the window display.... suiting that it was pouring that night.

The morning after, I met up with a friend I met from the Sketchcrawl event, Eduardo Pacheco. We painted at the top of Alvarado Park, on the western tip of Wildcat Canyon. He was smart and set up on a paved path. I hiked up a trail, very wet from the previous night's rain, and was about two inches taller from the mud on my shoes by the time I stopped. I did a very quick oil sketch before meeting back up with Eduardo and his girlfriend to shoot the breeze for a while.

Alex had a couple extra days off for Veterans Day weekend, so we drove up north along the coast that night and stayed until late Tuesday afternoon. The rain has brought green back into Tomales Bay, and combined with the foggy mornings, I almost felt as though I were in Ireland or Scotland. I'm sure it would have been even easier to imagine had I been to either place.

I finally managed to meet up for a Grizzly Peak session this morning. After three early morning starts in a row, I was half tempted to sleep in, but I made it up anyway.

I apologize for all the poor photo quality by the way. Most of these were wet and had to be photographed instead of scanned.... and I have a poor light set-up back home. I'll try to scan them in later on when they're dry.


Tom Scholes said...

Love the last one mikeymike.

Unknown said...

krikey - you are a beast man. Not a beastman - I meant you are a beast , (pause) man.

Those bird paintings are even smaller than I thought -so awesome. I'm totally jealous of all the plein-air painting . You are giving me the burn to go out and do it again.

Julien alday said...

Holly molly !
Mike, I'm in a rush before go to Paris, but ... Wow ! Just Wow ! I can not resist to drop some quick words about how impressive is your latest work.
VoilĂ , c'est dit ! ;)
Take care friend.