Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some New Originals For Sale

I'm selling a couple brand new tiny paintings on my Etsy Shop. They're priced pretty low so as to avoid hurting your holiday budget.... heck, buy them as gifts and you won't have to feel bad at all! They're small, cute, and ready-made to hang. Both are painted in acrylics on 4x4 inch wooden plaques (with about a 3x3 inch image surface).


Matt Berger said...

Really nice man! You inspire me to get my gesso out and paint on all kinds of scrap wood. He he.

Francis Vallejo said...

recent paintings are rockin!

Julien alday said...

Hey, Mike ! ^^
Glad to see you sold both of them. Adorable paintings by the way. Are you working on a new bunch ? I keep an eye on your blog anyway.
Des bises à Alex et toi.

Unknown said...

you snooze you looze !
Thank you again my friend ;)

Anonymous said...

Coooool, you sold 'em! Nice nice.

All righty, Mike. I finally put up that Quijote twist illustration on my blog. Hope you enjoy!