Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Winter

It's officially winter. Actually, I don't know what the official date for the start of winter is. Here in the Bay Area, it's been difficult to say. We're still getting patches of semi-warm weather, and the flowers in front of our house are still flourishing. I actually consider it official when I have to wear earmuffs in bed, and it's come pretty close to that the past couple nights, which is a clear enough indication to me. So the sketch above is a sort of welcome to the new season, even if I'm not its biggest fan.


Julien alday said...

Winter is striking here too, but your drawing warms my heart ...
I have to go working, but I will mail you soon.
Love sur toi, buddy.

Tom Scholes said...

That's a great sketch dood!
I hate winter... snow wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't cold and wet, and maybe if it came in a variety of colors...

Anonymous said...

Cute and inspiring drawing, Mike! :-)

I've been wearing knee-length soccer socks in bed, can't stand the weather much these days... haven't even done as much painting outdoors because my hands freeze after half an hour.

Take it easy, buddy.

Unknown said...

first- that sketch is awesome. I see a little self-portrait in there, no?

secondly- screw you and your perfect climate- it's been hail and snow all day today. visit soon!

Diantres said...

I prefer the not-so-cold of the winter here, that the suffocating summer sun. (yeah because i live in Chile, its summer here now)

Great drawing.


Mike Dutton said...

Haha, man I'm such a baby. Blizzards and blistering hot summers while I'm complaining about having to turn on the heater.

Scott, ya spotted me. I've been cartooning myself a lot lately. :)
Even that smiley face is me.

Tom, colors in snow.... you make it too easy; how about yellow?! I've got two snow paintings I'm trying to post. They're not accurate in any way of what colors you might find in naturally lit snow, but it's a start.

Julien, now that you enjoy Paris a little more, I really hope to see some snowy Paris photos sometime. :)

Eduardo, it seems like hardly anyone is getting outside to paint. I hope to, but I need a pair of painting mitts first!
...that, or I need to book a flight to Chile.