Monday, March 03, 2008

After the Bone Room

On Saturday, my wife invited me to tag along on a field trip she put together for the kids she teaches at preschool. The kids have been fascinated with bones the past few months, so Alex arranged a visit to the Bone Room in Berkeley. It's basically a natural history store squeezed into the dimensions of a boutique shop. You can buy replica dinosaur skulls, any number of authentic skeletons of interesting little creatures, or large bird feathers for the more faint at heart.

I wanted to sketch the kids in the store, but in such tight quarters with no place to safely place my coffee, I decided to wait until we had lunch in the neighboring park.

Constantly running children are pretty challenging to draw, but it's still fun to try!

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Unknown said...

those are great sketches man! It IS really hard to draw kids. It is the combination of their frantic motion and subtle features. That's a tough mix for an artist to sketch--at least in my experience. These are great though- and they have the spirit of playful kids which is the most important part.

Bone Room rules- I ordered a pigeon skeleton for myself for Xmas. Gonna use it in a painting when I can pull away from the job jobs.