Friday, May 16, 2008


Decided to have some more fun with tiny art. A very kind customer saw this in my shop the day it went up and decided she had to have it for her nephew... I've been a very popular go-to guy in the "gift for nephew" department lately. Oh, she also had some very nice things to say about me on her blog.

"Honk!' Gouache, Ink on Basswood Panel - 2.5 x 4.5 inches

Hope you all are ready for the weekend. I know I am!


Unknown said...

damn- you've been a bloggin madman
Awesome stuff -all of it. I love the bear on the trike, the dude burning his freakn' chin off, and the elephant in the car is adorable ;)

Unknown said...

This is awesome!
What a great thought, someone growing up with this little gem in their room.

Mike Dutton said...

Hey Scott, good to see you updating more often as well! I'm about to post on your latest beauty. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

Eric, when you put it that way, it really does bring a sense of joy and satisfaction this line of work. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike!!! It was nice to meet you in person. I gave this piece to the aforementioned nephew last week, and he said 'vroom vroom' and pointed at the vehicle... (he's almost 2) :)