Monday, May 19, 2008

Turtle Rock

I put down the 19th when I checked the date on my cell phone, not realizing it was already past midnight when I started writing on this page - so really it should say the 18th, noting that we climbed on the 17th.... now that I've straightened out this fact, you can truly enjoy the awesomeness of this comic.

p.s. Stay on hiking trails when you're wearing flip flops. Seriously.


Unknown said...

Haa- looked like fun and the drawing of your friend swallowing a fly is hysterical. A part of me likes to think if / when I visit I'd like to join in rock climbing and the other part of me thinks I shouldn't go out of my way to leave my son fatherless. I'm ..uh...not athletic.

Julien alday said...

I second everything's Scott Said, specially about the climbing rocks part and... I'm so... Heu... Not athletic as well ! The comic strip is gold.

Joseph Lee said...

Great strip! Love the linework to the piece!