Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mind Rambling

Sometimes you need to take a moment to sort out exactly what's worth stressing over in the present. I've recently had a couple sleepless nights fueled by a stream of mind rambling, where one item constantly precedes the next. That's the worst kind of procrastination - thinking about everything you have to do right up until the last minute, instead of putting everything completely out of your mind up until the last minute! I mean, why go half way, right? Still, my better instinct tells me to just sit down and tackle each item one at a time.

And with that, I'm pretty confident you guys will be seeing something new soon that I've been wanting to show for a long time.

... wait, let me rethink that....


Julien alday said...

Awwwww ! I want give a hug to that lil' bear ! ;)
Can I ask you why that soldier in the middle balloon ? I think it's link to videogame, but I'm not sure... Sorry. :P
Love, and thanks for the conversation lately.

Diantres said...

oh man, when that happens i hate it, (and hate my mind)

best luck in your work and your art,


Unknown said...

sounds like we share similar anxieties...yay!!

I like the blank 'dutton book' - are we to believe we should see a complete one in the future? yay! x 2 :)

Mike Dutton said...

Hey Scott! No book plans yet, sorry man. :/ I'm looking into self publishing at the moment, but at this rate it's looking more like a pamphlet. haha.

Julien - it's a video game reference, signifying wasting time with distractions.

Rodrigo - Thanks! Same to you.