Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dillon Beach

I've been super busy lately, but when I heard my brother-in-law was going up to Dillon Beach for the day, I couldn't resist tagging along to sneak in a painting session. Having spent nearly my entire summer in a basement studio, it was the least I could do for myself to take a mental health day.

As luck would have it, the sunny beach filled with vacationers was vacated as soon as I set up my painters box, because I bring bad weather wherever I go to paint! Around half an hour into my session, the cliffs were seemingly wiped out in fog.

By the way, this painter's box is pure awesome.

Still, it felt good to finally get outside to paint. And I love Dillon Beach no matter what the weather is like. I could only laugh when the sun came back and burned the fog off two hours later. Yep, mood swings are just half of Dillon's charm.

Well, back to work. But if you want a little more distraction before you return to yours, the second installment of One Swoop Fell is up.


Tom Scholes said...

Show the painting Mike!!! :O
Sent you an email about the box, looks amazinggggg!

JimmyG said...

Sweet! That box is officially dirrrrrty! I had Ben build me a custom carrier and it arrived yesterday. Let's paint this weekend.