Monday, July 21, 2008

Me in the Oakland Tribune!

I was recently interviewed by a reporter for a profile story in the Oakland Tribune. That story came out today and I'm very happy to say the reporter did a great job... I say this partially out of relief that he left out some of the more embarrassing things I must've said. But I also appreciate the effort he made in his own research, such as reading up on N.C. Wyeth, who I mentioned at one point as being one of my heroes. I also mentioned the Totoro Forest Project which he then followed up on. Thanks Paul!

Here's a link to the online edition:

And here's the paper edition... which is the same aside from the photograph. Click on the images to read the text.

So what kind of embarrassing things did I say during the interview that he mercifully left out? I think it was somewhere during the "Life is very short" discussion. I can't remember what I said, but I'm glad it wasn't this:
I'm very lucky to have a wife who is supportive, yet keeps me grounded at the same time.

One Swoop Fell

If you read through the article, you'll notice he mentioned a web comic I've been working on. And some of you might recall the Teaser update from a couple weeks ago. Well, here it is, finally:

The comic itself hasn't launched yet, but now you know where to look when it does. Enjoy!


JimmyG said...

Awesome Mike! Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats!!!! what a nice article. :)

Stephan Royer said...

I loved the article and makes me want to absorb your future work. Your playful art inspires me, and I've got several in my inspiration folder. Congratulations!