Monday, September 22, 2008

Comfortable Places

I went to my favorite sushi place a week ago to do a little sketch research for the latest One Swoop Fell episode called "Comfort Food."

Speaking of comfort food, I also love Juan's Place in Berkeley. I had to take the car down to the smog center this past Friday, which happened to be on the opposite street corner from Juan's.

I wanted to eat there and not just sketch the place, but I had other errands to run. Ah well. Hey, here's something fun to do. Click this link to Juan's Yelp page, and compare the photo to the drawing to see just how many mistakes I can make in a ten minute sketch!

Another fun fact, Juan's was placed in Adrian Tomine's Shortcomings.

On Sunday, Alex and I met our friend Emma in the City for brunch in Noe Valley. I've never really explored this area of San Francisco. It's kinda the new Bermuda Triangle to me (replacing Potrero Hill). Maybe I just have no sense of direction. But I can sniff out a bookshop no matter where you put me. I stepped into Phoenix Books and finally found a new but marked down copy of Blankets. These kids had their own great finds, copies of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Have a great week!


Tom Scholes said...

woohoo, great post.

Anonymous said...

Oh man I'm so far behind on this One Swoop Fell stuff. A website too? >_< Great to see all this cool, constant progress.

Julien alday said...

Looks like you will have to drive me to a few places, yum ! ^_^
And you got Blankets now ! You will have a blast reading it, you can trust me ! ;)
Seems like things turned to "normal", if not amazing since the Totoro Forest auction ! How was it by the way ? Did you see Francis there ?
Kiss Alex for me,
ciao bello.

Unknown said...