Friday, September 05, 2008

Getaways and Narrow Escapes

Word on the Net is it didn't feel like a four day work week at all. I agree. Here's some journal pages from what already seems so long ago, starting with last Thursday before Labor Day weekend. I was hanging out in Tiffany and Christine's studio, and they were researching getaway spots:
On Friday morning, I had breakfast with one of my closest friends. We were near REI (outdoor gear heaven), and I had a couple errands to take care of there.... it somehow took up the rest of our morning.... oops!

The Cal Bears are looking good this year. We've got a new starting quarterback, and as bad as I feel saying it, I think the days of Longshore are safely behind us. We watched from the usual cheap seats.... literally, the cheapest seats available - they're free:

The rest of the weekend was spent in San Francisco. Alex and I attended her 10 year high school reunion. We also celebrated our two-year anniversary. My, how time flies.... with the strange exception of four-day work weeks...


Thomas Gronbukt said...

Really enjoy the blog Mike. Nice to see such variety and read your comments as well. I saw your work at the gym today as well.
It would be nice to catch up at some point.
Can you believe it is over 10 years since we were in class together..
Early Bird paintings sounds like fun.
i am having a hard time keeping the momentum up after the summer. Hope you had fun in Italy. Were did you go?

Ben Foster said...

Leave it to Tiff to read that as Got A Hoe.... Makes me wish I could hang out in the studio with you cats.

Mike Dutton said...

Thomas, thanks for all the encouragement. Early Bird painting is fun, but we haven't gone out together in a long time. It's usually just a couple of us nowadays. But I spoked with a few of them, and we all seem to be getting that itch to paint! You oughta come out to the East Bay sometime or we could do something out in the City (or along the coast).

Italy was great... we stayed in Reggio Emilia, which is between Bologna and Florence. I would have loved to stay in the town you were in as well. It looks like you got a great deal of work done out there... and some climbing to boot!

Ben - Tiffany's a gold mine of blunders. ;) And yeah, it's pretty fun hanging out there.... believe it or not, we actually get work done too. hint, hint, come out here!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! nice. Man, Mike you sure know how to make those memories come to life with your sketches. I love them, makes me giggle and feel all warm and fuzzy.Also makes me look like a complete fool, ;P.

Ben: yeah yeah yeah! I can't read! haha I wish you could hang also, maybe when you head out to visit?