Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last Man Standing 2 - My Three Rounds

For the past few months I've been involved in a four round competition on a forum-based website called It's been a great honor having my work shown alongside established industry professionals and other up and comers. The energy of the competition, from the anticipation of seeing each round go live, the excited response we all share in seeing each other's interpretation of a given topic, to the residual inspiration to work even harder when we see what we're up against, sets this competition apart from other annual type competitions where entries are mailed in. To read a more detailed writeup on The Last Man Standing, visit Art Director Irene Gallo's Blogspot. If you want to see some stellar artwork, here's a link to the third round of entries.

Below are my three entries all together, since I'm pretty sure I won't be showing a fourth!

The Great Discovery

The Escape Artist

Welcome to the Beginning of the End

Thanks for taking a look!


Unknown said...

Hey man!
Didn't know you had a bloggy -they are kinda fun to see what little things folks are up to so I'm glad you have one.
Really love the whimsical , light direction your last pieces have. So refreshing and all your own.
Talk soon!

Shelly Wan said...

Hi Dutton, Glad to find u on Land of Blogs! ^___^ Welcome welcome.

I really really love your new LMS piece, is whimsical and pretty! i would love to see a children's book by you! r u working on one for any chance?

and thanks for getting the story again! and i do look at the slav epic a lot. but the most influencial person for that piece of mine is frank brangwyn. r u aware of him?

talk to you later,

Mark Behm said...

Great stuff. I love the subtle color if the last piece. I'll have to check that thread over at CA.


great artworks!

Unknown said...

love your stuff - the face off for round three didn't go as planned... i got put into a totally different group, but i loved your pieces.

looking forward to bothering you on your blog every once in a while and seeing new pieces.


Andy Murray said...

oh, cool! You got yourself a blog going! Your piece is definitely my favorite in your current matchup, though my friends and I are all worried that the "cool" speed paintings will get too much love from the judges. Regardless of the outcome, all of your stuff has been refreshingly nice in the thunderdome. Keep it up!

Julien alday said...

Hello, Mike ! This blog is an enjoyement and I'm way too happy to found it. My best wishes to Alex and you for the moving. I keep an eye on you !

Mike Dutton said...

Hey thanks for all the comments, you guys. Sorry I've been a little slow on the updates. My wife and I are finally just settling into our new house. Haven't had much time to get on the net or I'd update with some pictures of the new home studio as well as some pictures from the Tiny show last week (it was a blast!).

I've got some new approaches I'm going to be experimenting with in the next few weeks so look forward to those in a very near update.

Thanks again!

mkornatka said...

I really like your artwork with baloon :)