Monday, October 15, 2007

Castro Ranch Rd.

Grazing Fields off Castro Ranch Rd. - 5"x7" Gouache/Watercolor on Clayboard

I used to live in El Sobrante, very close to this view that I must have driven past hundreds of times. I've always wanted to paint this location, but have never had my paints or even a camera with me anytime I was passing through. I was in the area yesterday to meet with my dad before cutting through the backroads where this view is to meet with Alex for lunch. I found myself with an hour to kill and my paintbox in the passenger seat, so I pulled over to paint. I was unprepared as usual, having very little water in the bottle. So I had to make do with dirty brushes and selective washes. The irony of it all is that it started raining as soon as I was done.


Julien alday said...

Hey, l'adorable ami Mike ! ^^
Nothing more than all I said earlier... I think it was a good thing you were in a lack of water, according to the great result. I appreciate the irony of it all... It's always like that, in fact. :P
Just thinking about one thing, you should put a small baneer under your website one or add a link to "Early Bird Painters" blog on the side bar. I think people will not scroll down endlessly for find that link, and after a few weeks, it will be gone from page one... And that's an amazing place ! ;)

Me ? Ho, I allready linked it in Mad-Season, voyons ! ;)

Bises à Alex and your dad !
Thanks for your kind words.
Talk to you... Soon. ;)

Mike Dutton said...

Hey Julien,

Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually planning on the Early Bird link, but with my limited internet time, it took me a while to get to it! But without further ado, I've updated the image links in my blog for everyone's clicking pleasure. :)

Always good to "hear" your cheerful voice. Have a great day!

Tom Scholes said...

MIKE! You are getting too good at these, I love them! So much texture, great use of paint :)
You should be proud !