Friday, October 05, 2007

Early Bird Session

It's nothing really to write home about, but here's a quick negative space study from this morning. I've been going out once or twice a week during the weekdays to sketch with a few Pixar folks. Some of them are there at about 6:45 in the morning to get in a painting before starting their work day. Now that's dedication! I showed up today, greeted by a bitingly cold and windy Emeryville pier.... and promptly decided to paint from the comfort of the passenger seat of my car. And as much as I love boats, I've really been into trees lately. So this cypress isn't exactly a pier scene, though it sits right along the water, with the entire San Francisco skyline behind it.

Dice mentioned a great idea of possibly starting a collaborative blog based on what everyone feels like showing from our sessions, in which case you'll definitely be seeing some very enjoyable work by some insanely talented artists.


Julien alday said...

Something I can't wait to see ! Wow ! o_O
A collaborative blog with Dice, you and a bunch of Pixar dudes, so dedicated to theitr art that they decided to sacrifice their sleeping time [wich is criminal in my book],, energy and health for painting...
No seriously, I can't wait.
[damn, I should move to SF for some art retreat, one day]

Keep us informed.

Rich Pellegrino said...

I like the simplicity of this Mike. Nice warm/cool palette.