Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Not the most elaborate costume out there, but she does feel pretty cute and that's all that matters, wouldn't you agree? Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!


Julien alday said...

Joyeux Halloween, Mickael ! ;)
This masked bird is cute/killer stuff ! You really got here something I want see declined as a "serie", numerous paintings are wanted here, for the pleasure of the eyes. The Venitian Birds you create this year got definitively your touch, as the concept is so original and fresh.
Bravo, mæstro, and more, please. ;)
Bises à toute ta famille,

Bruce said...

I agree with Julien, I've really enjoyed the freshness and originality of these birds and would like to see more in the series.

Mike Dutton said...

Ask and ye shall receive, gentlemen. Check the next update!