Sunday, March 16, 2008

Autumn Moon Entertainment

It's been a while since I've let a whole week pass between blog posts, but I've got good reason this time besides laziness. I very recently started a new job as an in-house illustrator for a game company called Autumn Moon Entertainment.

I'm still new, so I can write from mostly a fan's point of view on just how beautiful our current project looks. It has this wonderful blend of Classic Disney Animation meets N.C. Wyeth meets Tim Burton. So you can imagine how fun it is for me to be involved in it! A Vampyre Story is due out in just a couple more months. Here are a few teaser images that AME has released on their website (obviously, not by me).

So yeah, I can't claim any credit on these, nor can I show what I've been working on until quite some time from now.... But hopefully you can get an idea of what kinds of things I'm doing these days. Which is mostly in-game 2D backgrounds, design, and eventually some props and characters. Oh, as well as waking up several hours earlier than I used to and driving forty-five minutes to work versus my old commute of one flight of stairs. But once I get adjusted to that last part, I'm sure you'll be seeing more updates!


Bill Robinson said...

Tim Burton meets Disney meets NC Wyeth?? What an awesome combination of inspiration. And these paintings look ruhl nice. Can't wait to play the game.

Julien alday said...

Ha, don't lie: you are pay for draw sexy Vampire women all day long, the job of my dreams ! :p

All jokes aside, congrats on the job. You deserve it and I'm sure you will bring great contribution to the compagny. That looks like those good all games like "Monkey Island". Excellent !
I'm happy for you,
say Hi to Alex for me.

Mike Dutton said...

Thanks guys!

And good eye, Julien. Actually, my boss here was the lead background artist among other roles on Monkey Island 3 back when he was at LucasArts. I think I'll play it for "research" purposes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey mike, that is awesome. I just came across that site the other day, I was super impressed. I hope that goes well for you and I can't wait until we start heading out in the mornings again. It was a pleasure to finally meet you and your wife the other day keep up the good work.

Albert Sorrentino Jr. said...

great site and wondeful art! COngrads on the new job and good luck to you in the near future!

Unknown said...

Love the mood!

Unknown said...

Congrats Mike! Real happy for ya...can't wait to see te goods you produce there.