Friday, May 09, 2008

La Note

I had a little coffee and a snack yesterday at a small French-inspired cafe called La Note in Berkeley. This man, roughly my age, was having lunch with his parents and it reminded me of a trip I took with my own parents to the East Coast a few years ago, where we spent some time in the very French atmosphere of old Quebec City. I'd like to think we looked happier at the time than these three.


Unknown said...

that sketch rules for so many reasons.

Mike Dutton said...

Thanks Scott. Many of those reasons elude me at the moment, but I do enjoy looking at it, so that's probably one.

Amy Short said...

I love that sketch, there is a major story in there somewhere. Hey if you don't mind, I'm linking you in my blog. :o)

Julien alday said...

Argl ! I'm in a hurry right now, buddy: I just want tell you that next time I'll be around, bring me to "La note" !!! Asolutly !
Your sketch makes me want see the place. ^^

JimmyG said...

...mmmmmmmm... La Note..... over-priced food, but worth the admission for the atmosphere alone. Another great sketch Mike! I just got back from the east coast, and brought back some mini spray bottles for your Italy trip!