Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pt. Molate Ghost Town

I've been striking out on a huge percentage of my outdoor sessions. One day I'll gather the courage to show them publicly.... of course, even some of the work I'm pleased enough to show are strikeouts in their own right!

Well, I had a particularly hard time yesterday at the Emeryville marina, so I decided to go out again this morning. This time, I went on a recon mission of sorts when I accidently missed the freeway exit to Pt. Richmond and ended up in Pt. Molate, just shy of crossing a toll bridge. After a few minutes of winding roads, I found a shut down naval station, complete with old barracks, even a fort where cannons must've once lined up in ranks. I focused on the government housing.

"Naval Ghost Town" 5" x 7" Watercolor and Gouache on Clayboard

Where curtains once hung in ruffles, there was now corrugated metal and plywood panels. It was strange because I grew up as a military brat on various army bases. So although these buildings looked very institutional, it still felt a bit like home.

Early Bird Painters

Speaking of outdoor sessions, remember me mentioning the possibility of a collaborative blog? Well, it's up, and there's already some great artwork on it. It's definitely worth visiting and visiting often:

EarlyBirdPainters - Blog

Have a great rest of the week!


Julien alday said...

Superbe, Michael ! ^^
A great new in my early morning... I had check the whole blog and it's full of little jewels and great artists. Great to see you being so productive lately.

Tom Scholes said...

Stop it mike! Just stop it! RAR!
phew, amazing dude.

Justin said...

This is pretty nice. I like the contrast of the house and the trees in the way way BG.

Unknown said...

beautiful little study. Same with Dillon beach man (haven't been by here in a little while), so much atmosphere I can almost smell the trees and maybe a hint of a storm coming.

singinghawk said...