Monday, January 07, 2008

First Page Anxieties

I've finally cracked open my new journal that I bought at NY Central Art Supply back in July. It only took me six months to finish the last one. I'm looking forward to playing with the panoramic format and the velvety paper surface in this one.... man, I am a paper geek.

Trying to achieve Zen.

As is customary with each new book, I approach cautiously, afraid to mess up the first page, feeling like I need to make a splash from the start, despite the fact these are supposed to be somewhat personal records without fear of an audience (and here I am, blogging them... hmm?). And still, I usually start each book telling myself I'm going to throw caution to the wind and embrace the crappy pages. Well, the major jump in this book so far is that I chose to draw something on the first page! I usually leave them blank.

At least I'm over the phase where I wrote "crap" over every bad drawing I made (I got really good at writing "crap" and "wtf"). Even better, I stopped tearing pages out several books ago.

So all in all, I'm feeling pretty excited about this one. Oh, I should've taken a picture of the inside back cover of the book. Since this one didn't come with an envelope to keep scraps and business cards in, I matte medium-ed my own envelope to it. It was from a pre-approved car loan for $35K or something like that. I win!

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Unknown said...

another great sketch,
Along with a plethora of other things we share a snobbery of sketchbooks. Maybe it is more highly critical preference...?
I actually have put aside 3 different sketchbooks because I wasn't 'feeling them'. Whether it's the paper, the dimensions, or just the way it feels in my hand I am constantly searching for the excellent quality sketchbooks. Tiff and I were in the city recently and I found a very nice one (we both got it)...and guess where...NY central.