Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Third Time's Another Charm

I went to see Toshio Hirano perform ol'honky tonk and bluegrass covers a couple nights ago. This was my third time seeing him. Still the same tunes and the same smiling faces, but it never grows old. I did notice a film crew this time around, possibly for a documentary of sorts, which just goes to show you can't keep something this good a secret for long.

The past few evenings have been filled with visiting friends, great talks, laughs, and cheer. But I'm gonna need to bear down the next few days on some deadlines. Round one for Last Man Standing 3 is coming up, as well as some annuals I'm submitting work to. Time to bring on the coffee!


Maile McCarthy said...

Where do you get his schedule? Seems like the calendar on his website isn't up to date.

Mike Dutton said...

Hi Fossa,
The general rule of thumb is that he plays at the Amnesia Lounge in SF every second Monday of the month.

There was actually a mix-up on this month's calendar; they had him down on the 7th when it should've been the 14th.

And yeah, his own website is a little outdated. He plays at a couple other venues, but it's free to see him at Amnesia, and it's a smaller place so the vibe is a little more intimate. Hope this helps!

Maile McCarthy said...

It does help. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Loving the recent blogs. You have a unique way to make your daily activities charming and witty.
bless ya soul son :P