Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mr. Peters and Company

Here's a few more pages from the past couple days.

Another Helmet Hair shot of my middle brother, David, although I think it could easily be one of the other two brothers as well.

Very random doodling that somehow became a "I miss traveling" page. It was a stretch to pretend each face belonged to a country we went to on our honeymoon. More than anything, I wanted to play with more black washes and page layouts.

No ink on this one, just pencil and watercolor for the 3-panel old man sequence. Some gouache on the upper right based on something from memory this morning when I drove Alex to work.

The story is mostly true, though visual details are not. Mr. Peters is real, actually a 101 years old by now. He enlisted and fought in WWII (so the bi-wing plane is inaccurate) at the age of 37. But if you speak to him for even a short amount of time, he will talk to you more about his childhood sweetheart and wife who passed away thirteen years ago.

For me, there's a bit of an unsung hero in a man who is able to stay in love all those years and still carry on.


Julien alday said...

"For me, there's a bit of an unsung hero in a man who is able to stay in love all those years and still carry on."

Same for me, Mike. Great narrative here, I'm jealous how great your storytelling skills are. :)

So if each faces belong to a country... Who is guy with a big red nose and a black and white striped shirt ? Tell me the truth, I will be strong ! Hahaha ! :P
Talk to you soon, mon ami.

Unknown said...

it's getting hard to keep up with all these great entries, and even harder finding something different to say besides "you rock! love it!"
So in the name of redundancy, you rock...and I love it.

Mike Dutton said...

Totally understandable Scott. I have a few "painting a day" subscriptions in my google reader, and even though they're consistently awesome, it's like writing homework coming up with new ways of saying it. I'm far from consistently awesome, but I'm thankful to see you commenting anyway. For all the other times, I'm happy to know you're just lurking.

Julien - Alex and I had a big laugh over your comment. Rest assured, it isn't you. ;) But who I do remember thinking while I was drawing,"Man, if I put stripes on this shirt Julien's going to say something." haha.

Glad you enjoyed the Mr. Peters segment. I'm slowly finding my narrative style. It's tough, because as you know, I write too much and for too long. The graphic novel format doesn't allow that kind of space for words. Also, I want to avoid text explaining something you already see in a picture and vice versa. Finding that seamless blend is a challenge, but enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Is your graphic novel about old man Mr. Peters?

You said this is a semi-true story? What's his full name? I'd like to read more about him/his life.


Anonymous said...

Me keeps enjoying the journaling, sketching and your LMS entry, machine. This is almost like a Ramones album, each sketch is like the songs... quick, nice and on to the next one, quick and nice.

Mike Dutton said...

Hi Donal,
My story will feature a small vignette on Norm Peters; he's definitely worth a longer mention. Unfortunately I can't find anything about him publicly or online, so you may have to wait until the book's out.

Thanks Eduardo.
I think aspiring to music or film-like qualities in one's art is a worthy goal. Hell, a high calling for most. So I'm flattered that you feel like my recent updates read like a record album, by a great band no less. ;)