Thursday, January 03, 2008

My New Year Projections

I've been watching Alex play Paper Mario. It shows a little.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

So I had some lofty ambitions for a 2007 summary post, complete with graphs, flow charts, data analysis, side by side comparisons, and chimpanzees on tricycles, but the holiday season has been way too busy with relaxation, sleeping in, staying with family, opening Christmas presents at midnight, eating a prime rib dinner two hours later, wine tasting with friends, noses held high, board games at the local pub, and other things I can't seem to recall. Seeing as how we're already three days into 2008, I thought I'd post some goals instead.

Resolutions aren't really for me. I like to think more along the lines of projections. It sorta makes it sound like I have a game plan that way. Here are my projections for 2008:

  • I will find a publisher or self publish at least one art journal compilation this year.
  • A solid deal for a children's book will happen.
  • I will have at least two one-man hangings in small non-gallery venues. I'm cheating a little bit here, since two have already been arranged.
  • I will fill up three journals, whether they're full of drawings, writings, or disasters.
  • Heavy development on my graphic novel will begin now that I know what I want to write about.
  • My studio will finally have overhead lighting.
  • I will own an Open Box M.
  • Alex and I will travel to Europe at least once. We're looking forward to a hopeful Italy trip in May.
  • I'll spend more time outside of the studio for work, whether it's finding a way to paint during cold weather, sitting in cafes, aimless walks, or mini-trips in and around the Bay.
  • Alex and I will also spend more time climbing outdoors this coming season, which leads me to the next category.
  • I will train harder and develop a six-pack for the first time in my life, because Lord knows I don't have many chances left. My cat has unwittingly been dragged into this with me, as she somewhat resembles a bowling ball at the moment.
  • Cal Bears will not #$% up their football season halfway in. This is somewhat beyond my control, but I thought it needed to be projected all the same.
And there you have it, 2008 according to Mike. I've got some other exciting news coming up, but I'll save it for a later update. For now, it seems the weather folks have projections of their own, namely the worst bay area storm in years with flood potential here in West Berkeley, so I need to make sure my ground floor studio is seaworthy.


Bruce said...

Mike, your projections sound like gold to me! I usually I make similar goals, although I think that the six pack idea left me long ago, ha, ha. This year I haven't put much thought into it because for the first time in a long time I've actually been busy with artstuff!

Good luck with those goals. I have no doubt that many if not all will be achieved. Stay dry.

Oh, when you get a chance stop on by my blog. I put up some of the sketch cards that I did for Topps and would like to know what you think.

Unknown said...

Love your 2008 goals...because they are things I want for you too! I meant it when I said it - 2008 is yours. I have a good feeling now that you've come into your own artistically, it's time for the masses to catch on. And they will -cause your awesome.

As for the sixpack- man -- I should make it my goal to recover mine. If you squint in the dark when I lie on my back after missing a meal you can still see the ghost of where it once was :(

Oh and that rocket sketch is fuckn awesome

Tom Scholes said...