Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sheriff Dalrimple

My old subcontracting partner, we'll nickname him Mike McV, has a lot of great stories despite being the mellowest guy I've ever met. He's really a story in the making on a seemingly daily basis, which can be unfortunate for him most of the time. What I enjoy most though, is how he tells his stories, and I try to make it a point to document the way he breaks them up with footnotes, expressions, and body language, which usually involves looking downwards, cradling a cigarette as though he were heating his palm with it.


Unknown said...

Haa -well - you certainly have me intrigued in this character . Love how the cig smoke is blended with the speech bubble.

Rich Pellegrino said...

i agree with scott. cool smoke word buble. a hand well played ole chap.