Monday, February 18, 2008

Skipping Stones Across Tahoe

I often find it nearly impossible to adequately describe the happier moments in life through words. It's as awkward as trying to convince someone to love your pet as much as you do, and as challenging as describing how you fell in love without making your audience nauseous... (with that special someone, not your pet). Something gets lost in the context. In this case, I wish I could write about the joy I felt spending a long weekend with my family. You'd be in for a few laughs at the very least. I hope you'll settle for a picture instead.


Unknown said...

oh man -that is perfect. Is that you wearing the hat with the flaps? too cool :)

Mike Dutton said...

Thanks Scott. It was definitely an ideal afternoon.

The hatflap dude is David, the middle brother. I guess we look alike. :P

Julien alday said...

So you are the guy taking the photo ? I'm sure you had long hairs when you're younger. Nice one, Mike. ;)

Mike Dutton said...

Heh, no that's the youngest brother. I guess maybe I should have written a bit more description after all. :P

I was sketching my wife and brother while they skipped stones this past weekend. The youngest brother was taking pictures with his panoramic digital camera (we took some fun ones). David's fiance is unfortunately not in the view. She was a ways to the left of the page, lying down.

Julien alday said...

Meh ! Scott, we both failed finding Mike ! :p Sorry Mike... ^^; I feel a lil' ashamed now, hahaha !