Monday, January 28, 2008

All Was Right

My younger brother and his girlfriend were engaged over the weekend. What a funny feeling.... just a couple updates ago, I posted a sketch of him as a little boy with funny hair, yet here he is, a couple years shy of turning thirty, ready to marry. I'm sure this is vaguely what a parent must feel when reminding themselves that their children are grown up.

The two of them met during one of David's film projects. She played the leading role in a short adaptation of Carmen. So while doodling on Saturday evening, I put the two of them on the roof of an old theater, ready to conquer all. You might recognize the building from a plein air sketch a few months ago.

Congratulations, David and Liane!


Tom Scholes said...


You know what I'm going to say. DUTTONBOOK.

Awesome illustration Mike!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I thought your brothers were at AAU! So I guess I believed them to be younger. In any case, congrats to David on my part, and Liane. You should take them out to a nice Puerto Rican restaurant and have mashed plantains with shrimp. ;)

Cool illustration Mike! Mr. Clayboard. :D

Matt Berger said...

love your art. are you ever going to make a book? would be maddening for someone to open your book, thinking it is a children's book, what come to their surprise it's a mature themed adult book. more mature meaning violence than sex/language. he he

thanks for sharing. ;)