Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Big Fiftieth!

It's the Fiftieth Post here at Drawr-ings, Ramblings, and Pick-Me-Ups! Not too shabby considering this humble blog was born a little over a year ago. So I thought I'd do a little comic strip to celebrate. As it turns out, however, comic strips may not be my thing. Read on to learn why:

Thanks to all who have stopped by, looked at some art, maybe skimmed a sentence or two, and even wrote a couple back!


Anonymous said...

Hey grats on the 50th post there, Mike. Glad that you cracked open a new journal, and I wish you luck with all the things you will accomplish this new year. Take it easy!

Anonymous said...

If you're struggling with auto-bio comics format, talk to Enrico. His are fantastic.