Monday, January 14, 2008

Friends, Neighbors, and Widowmakers

Over the weekend, my brothers, Alex, and I hung out with a childhood friend who's visiting from Seattle along with his girlfriend and some friends. Although I've known Jesse for over fifteen years and haven't seen him in at least six, he is comfortingly the same in many ways.

Back when we were all growing up, it wasn't unusual to stay up all night during sleepovers, playing games, drawing, making our own zines, being kids. So although it's getting difficult for me to stay up past midnight these days, it was strangely simple to hang out until 5:30 in the morning on Saturday night. Of course, the late night activity list has changed somewhat since childhood; drinks at a sleek lounge, a dive bar for some pool, my youngest brother's place for a session of drunken Rock Band, searching in vain for a karaoke lounge at 3 a.m. before ending up in one of their hotel rooms for final drinks before heading home (Alex was the lovely DD for the night). Needless to say, I was not myself the next day.

As luck would have it, there was a neighborhood meeting that afternoon. It was all I could do to get myself showered and dressed, but I felt better enough just in time... actually, we stepped in a good fifteen minutes late, but it made for good seats in the back of the room behind a couch so I could sketch some of my neighbors without feeling self-conscious.

Some awful stormy weather rocked Northern California and the Bay Area last week. I help my dad out part-time as a brushfire prevention dude, which means I clear dense weeds, poison oak, dead brush, and other forms of heavy duty vegetation. In today's case, fallen limbs. On top of being tired from the weekend (boy, those neighborhood meetings can take a lot outta ya), out of practice with working outside, and it being quite a chilly morning, my dad added to my overall wariness with a briefing on strong winds and broken limbs still hanging in trees; widowmakers, as they call it in the tree service line of work. I call them javelins.

My Monday's gonna get better though. Gonna meet up with the gang for Toshio Hirano tonight. See my previous blog post on Toshio.


Anonymous said...

When your headache's gone, check your email.

Julien alday said...

Do you think there's a chance for we see Toshio "Two Steps" Hirano next time I'll visit you ? ;)

I there Mike.
I love the direction you took lately with your latest posts. It does look like a lil' laboratory... Keep experimenting sir, I see only good things can going out of this. You're a talent, mon ami.
Force & Honneur.
P.S: Gibraltar... Geez, good boy, that was sure a hell of a party. ;)

katja said...

Just found you through Etsy and wanted to tell you I love your illustrations! I'll definitely keep coming back for more of your drawr-ings, etc. I'll even post a link to here on my blog (boy, that sounds funny, but I think it's correct!?).

Have a good one!


Mike Dutton said...

Hehe, thanks Eduardo, it took a couple days for the headache to clear up, but I checked my mail anyway.

I mentioned this in my email, but should point out here for anyone reading, check out Eduardo's Puerto Rico sketches on his blog. Great stuff!

Julien, I'm so sorry I've been terrible on correspondence. Thanks for always dropping by even when I seem to be non-existent. I also keep meaning to write something on your latest post..... I'm terrible, but I'll be there, I promise!

As for my little laboratory, I'm definitely having a lot of fun with these recent pages. And by the way, I picked up Thompson's "Carnet".... *weeps* ... one of things I enjoyed though was how he arranged his pages even though they were journalistic in nature. I need to find his other books now.

Katja - Thanks so much. I'm quite flattered. :) Hope to be seeing you here again soon... p.s. lovely jewelry on your Etsy!

katja said...

Thank you, Mike! It's always nice to hear that people like what you make. Makes it all a little more worthwhile, don't you think! Then again, I'd probably do what I do, even if I were the only one who liked it ... ha, ha, ha!


P.S. Do you do editorial work as well? I'm an art director ... hint, hint!