Friday, January 25, 2008

Kids Table and Flickr

Alex's side of the family is pretty large and a lot of them live nearby. So whenever we all get together it's a lot of fun. It ends up feeling like the holidays all over again. Last night was my mother-in-law's birthday, so the pack went out for dinner. It was funny how Alex and I, along with her brother (far left) and uncle (shown with his two daughters, one hiding under her hooded parka), all felt like we got to sit at the kids end of the table. Unfortunately, crayons were not provided.

Oh, and these napkin sketches are by my father-in-law. He's a lot braver than I am; he went right in with a pen, while I penciled mine first and inked it back home.

DuttonArt on Flickr

In other news, for those of you reading my updates on a feed reader such as Google Reader (which, by the way, is a life saver on time management if you read any number of blogs like I do) you may not notice a new sidebar link, featuring my new Flickr account. So far, I've uploaded all of my Sketchjournal images from this year, but I will also be adding a lot of other stuff: my Europe sketches, the previous sketchjournal, and photos from trips and events.

Feel free to add me as a contact if you have an account. For everyone else, I hope you'll take a look. The slideshow feature is great, especially if you want to skip past all my mumbling!


Julien alday said...

I have a question for you, Michael. What are the avantages of a FlickR account ? Aside image hosting and slideshows, something my photobucket allready does. I heard FlickR had other features, and was wondering if it has an impact on the viewiers or on your blog itself. Maybe it's too early for ask ?

You are a posting machine lately, you know ? That's great to see you be so active, and that's contagious. ;)

Mike Dutton said...

So far, I think the advantage is that there is more of a sense of community, almost like having a Myspace or Facebook page without the spam. This means more networking opportunities.

For instance, there are groups you can join. I'm part of the Sketchcrawl group on Flickr, which means I can post sketches on that account, not just my own... which is kind of like ConceptArt or any other number of art forums, but I think you can reach a broader audience on Flickr.

I'm sure I'll find some other things down the line, good and bad.

And yeah, I've been trying to get in a habit of blogging often, possibly over-blogging. ;) But it's more fun this way.

Arkady Roytman said...

have you been reading empty easel?
He talks about Flickr and other ways of promoting oneself.

Julien - Flickr has tons of people stumbling about, and those people can turn into traffic on the blog, and fans, and sales. Check out EmptyEasel. it's a freaking treasure trove of goodness.

Oh and Mike, your recent output is admirable, but the sheer quality of the work is something i'm in total awe of. Keep at it.

Mike Dutton said...

Hey Arkady, you're right, I could easily spend hours on EmptyEasel. Thanks for showing that! And thanks for the kind words. It means a lot coming from someone who shows a breathtaking watercolor nearly every day.

Julien alday said...

Hey, guys ! :)
Excellent ! thank you for the enlight me about FlickR, I'm definitively considering open an account there.

And Arkady, what Mike said. ;)
Love sur vous.